Soil Testing

Soil Testing

Soils play a key role to ensuring there is enough agricultural production for all. Soil testing is one of the essential agricultural practice should be done for many reasons.

  • To know fertility status of the soil.

  • To interpret the suitability of different crops to soil.

  • To know water holding capacity and drainage status of soil.

  • To interpret quantity of fertilizers should be applied to land.

In how many days you do soil testing?

  • You should do soil testing twice a year to maintain soil fertility and crop productivity.
  • And mainly every time you grow a new crop in same land.


  • Farmers will know the current condition of their soil and how to improve it.

  • Farmers can minimize the input cost of fertilizer expenditure.

  • With soil testing farmers can avoid over-fertilization.

  • Help To maintain fertility of soil.

  • Will promote smart & efficient farming.

  • It will help in increase of crop productivity.

  • With better quality crop farmer will also get good price at market, thus increase his income.